Stainless Steel 316L Fully Welded Compact System Enclosure For Wall Mount Applications

The stainless steel wall mount, fully welded enclosure with NEMA4X protection, is available off the shelf in many different sizes. This enclosure range is well suited for many different applications but specifically designed for installation of small PLC and RTU control systems. The risk for component failure, and with that unnecessary downtime, is eliminated as water and dust are prevented from entering the enclosure.

Specification Compliance

Complies to Saudi Aramco specification 34-SAMSS-820 and approved under 9COM numbers 6000002698 (Panel, Control, Instrument, Outdoor) & 6000000819 (Box, Marshalling Box)

Certification Compliance


(Issued by an independent 3rd party IECEx approved Certification Body)

Design Basis

Fully welded body to provide an integral unit ensuring Ingress Protection is maintained.

Standard Features

All enclosures fitted as standard with 316L handles, hinges, door stay, drain breather, A4 drawing pocket, internal light and door switch bracket.


Enclosure Material – Body: 2mm 316L hairline finish, Doors 2mm 316L hairline finish


Self supporting fully welded enclosure, no additional framing system.


Mounted with two / three / four hinges allowing left or right hand opening.


Continuous flexible polyurethane gasket UL listed for oil resistance with an operating temperature of -40 to +80 degrees C.


Available in options of:
• 3 point latching T-handle with integral keyed lock 316L

Gland Plates

Removable from the underside of the enclosure and available in 3-6mm 316L material.

Lifting Eyes

4×316 stainless steel lifting eyes with a load capacity of 200kg’s each. Bolted into an M12 blind socket ensuring Ingress Protection is maintained once removed.

Mounting Plates

Double folded 3mm galvanised steel which locks into position. Optional side mounting plates or side mounting rails.

Wall Mount Brackets

Fitted as standard with 4 x wall mount brackets fully welded to the enclosure body. Facilitates M12 fixing bolt


Available as an optional extra in 100mm, 200mm and 300mm height. 200 and 300mm plinths are one piece welded structures with front and rear access for cable/conduit installation.


Enclosure body and All loose panels such as door and gland plate are earthed with a separate weld on M10 earthing stud as standard.


Supplied strapped to an Aramco specified pallet to allow further crating.


Stainless steel 316L with front access wall mounted compact enclosures are available in a wide variety of sizes with a NEMA4X degree of protection.


Fully welded solution ensures the lifelong integrity of the Ingress Protection classification.


Customers can receive enclosures with a short delivery time that match their configuration requirements. Component failure and unnecessary downtime is avoided as water and dust are prevented from entering the enclosure.


Multiple accessories such as viewing windows, 19” rack systems, door cut-outs, are available to fit seamlessly within the enclosure of your choice.

Item. no.Base Item NumberHeightWidthDepthConfiguration
1ASR0606030OG6006003001 door
2ASR0806030OG8006003001 door
3ASR0808030OG8008003001 door
4ASR0808040OG8008004001 door
5ASR1008030OG10008003001 door
6ASR1008040OG10008004001 door
7ASR1008050OG10008005001 door
8ASR1208030OG12008003001 door
9ASR1208040OG12008004001 door
10ASR1208050OG12008005001 door
11ASR1408030OG14008003001 door
12ASR1408040OG14008004001 door
13ASR1408050OG14008005001 door
ISO 9001:2015 (PDF)Miran ISO 9001:2015 Certificate642 KB
Oil & Gas Compact System Enclosures Specification (PDF)Specification2.2 MB
ExVeritas 18TEST0374 (PDF)Compact System Enclosure NEMA4X Certificate182 KB
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